Meet Our Videographer…… Jodie

Meet Our Videographer…… Jodie

Read on to find out more about Jodie, our videographer that prides herself on creating the fairytale wedding video you always dreamed about!

Ever since I can remember I have been coming up with what some might call out there concepts. I have always loved turning creative ideas into a practical masterpieces and nothing has changed today. Just like Alice in Wonderland “I like to think of as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast.”

I have always been creative but I only stumbled across videography 6 years ago. Before then I was always coordinating videos and photoshoots, I guess it was a natural progression. I didn’t start off with weddings though. I was attracted to Ibiza’s nightlife and that was where my videography journey began.

It was then when I was returning to Australia to visit my family that I decided to film a friends wedding. Oh wow did that open up a can of worms; I fell in love.  I find filming weddings so incredibly rewarding.  I just love capturing happy couples enjoying one of the best days on their lives on film to cherish for all eternity. Being a wedding videographer allows me to get really creative, making every video unique to the couple with a sprinkle of fairy dust (of course)!

The way I like to shoot has 3 main components:

1. Lighting is important. Firstly I want my couples to feel comfortable. Not melting off their make up or having sweat patches on their special day. Also no-one wants to have their eyes squinting in their video. I generally will visit the venue at the times I will be shooting before the big day. This allows me to plan so the day its seamless. Obviously weather can be unpredictable so I always have back up options.

2. One of the first things I say to people is “pretend I am not here, I AM INVISIBLE”. I  say this as I want to capture natural and candid moments. Its very rare that I will ask anyone to do anything unless I really feel it is needed. Some couples appreciate direction so in this case I am more than happy to do this as well.

3. I like to be prepared. As a videographer you never know what situation might present itself. What if it rains? What if it’s windy? Wind can absolutely destroy audio for example. I do my best to always have a back up plan and cover as many angles as I can think of. I ask as many questions before the big day to ensure I am ready to go.

Likes: VIDEOGRAPHY of course! I also love going for walks in nature or on the beach. Yoga and dancing brings my soul alive.  Preparing healthy food for friends and family makes me so happy (smoothie bowls are my speciality).  Animals and babies are the best; I cannot wait to be a mum one day. Helping choose music for wedding videos.

Dislikes: MEAT (Its ok if you want to eat it but it’s a big no no for me). I also get very upset about animal cruelty and people destroying the planet.  People asking me for a photo when I am a videographer is very frustrating also (I need a T-Shirt).

If you would like to know more about me and my other offerings please check out my website I am a woman of many talents and also offer copywriting, web design, social media and more.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and I look forward to meeting you. xx

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