Meet our photographer…… Natasha

Meet our photographer…… Natasha

Firstly, thank you for stopping by our blog. Our first post was explaining our photography and videography services but maybe you want to know a little more about the girls who will be sharing your wedding day with you? Well read on to find out more about Natasha, our photographer that prides herself on relaxed and real images of your day…

After working in a portrait studio for 7 years as a photographer I felt the need to spread my wings. After a couple of holidays to Ibiza I knew I wanted to spend more time on the beautiful island. So in 2012 I quit my job, packed up my camera bag and was on my way! I met the man I am marrying (Joe) on my first day of living in Ibiza. We are getting married this October in Ibiza and I’m so excited!

I photographed my first Ibiza wedding in 2014 and never looked back. After a few years of shooting in the nightclubs, a wedding was a welcomed change. People are so happy, everyone is having a great time and each Ibiza wedding is unique and different. I just love weddings so much and think about them constantly! I love watching wedding videos from around the world, looking at different wedding dresses and colour trends and, of course photography from across the globe. I am always gathering ideas and inspiration for my wedding photography and for my own wedding of course.

The way I like to shoot has 3 main components:

1. I love colour, I like to use vibrant colours in my photography, wether its from flowers, the blue sea, the famous Ibiza sunset sky, lush green palm trees etc.

2. I like symmetry, framing the photo is so important to me. I like the composition to be correct. I have a slight obsession about lining up the shot to be straight and precise. For example with the group photos I like the lines to be straight so that photos will look good as a set.

3. Natural photography. Not only do I like my subjects to be un-staged and relaxed but I like to use the nature that surrounds us. Ibiza is such a beautiful island and if you chose to marry here I’m guessing a part of that is because you love the island. So its important to show off Ibiza in your wedding photography. I like to use the beaches, cliff edges, palm trees, pine forests, countryside, even rooftops! Wherever your wedding is in Ibiza, it will be beautiful and there will be stunning backdrops for us to make the most of. A natural environment for natural photography goes hand in hand.


Likes: Long dog walks, days at the beach, travel, watermelon, healing crystals, cooking, white wine, 80’s music, coffee, new moons, the colour green, wedding cake, collecting gemstones, true crime podcasts, Michael Jackson, thai food, photography (obviously!)

Dislikes: Mushrooms!! People who stand too close to me (!) animal cruelty, boats, loud noises.

I’ll be sharing my own experiences as a fellow Ibiza Bride and photographer on my solo website (Natasha Marshall Photography) so if you are still looking for inspo or recommendations for your Ibiza wedding then pop over there to gather some information and contacts!